Holle receives award for commitment to sustainability

Demeter baby food producer Holle receives the award “Sustainable commitment: very strong” from German news magazine FOCUS.
Active sustainability is illustrated by Holle on a regular basis – the company’s slogan „Sustainable, from the beginning” was chosen deliberately. But Holle doesn’t just consider itself a company that is actively involved in sustainability – it is also perceived as such by the consumers, as the award “Sustainable commitment: very strong” shows, which Holle recently received from German news magazine FOCUS. In collaboration with its brand DEUTSCHLAND TEST and the research and consulting company ServiceValue from Cologne, the news magazine issued an online population-representative consumer survey: “In the consumers’ opinion, which companies and brands assume ecological, economical and social responsibility, or: Which companies represent sustainable commitment?” More than 1.400 companies and brands from over 100 sectors were put to test. More than 460.000 customer ratings were assessed. Just like in the previous year, Holle came in second in the category “Baby Food Products” – an excellent result. On March 17, 2018, FOCUS published a special report on the consumer survey (issue 12/18).
Demeter pioneer Holle doesn’t just promise sustainability, but proves time and again that it is actively committed to it. The company‘s slogan “Sustainable, from the beginning” illustrates the responsibility that Holle decided to assume. As one of the first companies with a Demeter processing contract, Holle proved early on that Demeter food can be produced in large quantities – and that it has a future. Holle baby food products play an important role in ensuring babies can grow up sustainably, from the beginning.


Interesting facts about the packaging of Holle Pouches

The Holle Pouchy range: the spill-proof snack is not only perfect  for young and old, it also comes in a  convenient pouch that meets the Holle high standard of product quality and environmental responsibility.

Our pouches are lightweight and break-proof. They are also ideal for small hands to grab ­and eat when out and about. They offer a healthy portion of fruit and vegetables – anywhere, anytime. The packaging consists of 4 thin layers (polyethylene terephthalate/aluminium/polyamide/polyethylene) and is structured in a way that preserves the superb quality of the purée even uncooled. All layers are free from bisphenol A. The aluminium layer guarantees high product safety by improving the barrier properties that protect against water vapour, oxygen and light. There is no direct contact between the aluminium layer and the purée. The swallow-proof closing cap consists of polyethylene and therefore can be directly recycled.

Pouches are more eco-friendly than glass.

Compared to glass, pouches cut down on CO2 emissions by 37% and save 27% more fossil resources, according to the IFEU Institute’s Europe-wide life cycle assessment of packaging for long-life foods.


Pouches require very little packaging material per gram of content. The “Deutsche Verpackungsverordnung” (German packaging regulation) therefore rates pouches as an “ecologically beneficial solution for disposable drink packaging”. Due to their low weight and low packaging volumes, they offer a whole range of advantages when it comes to transportation.  A truck can transport a lot more pouches than other packaging options, such as glass jars. A lot less transport space is required per ton of product, and a lot less fuel is consumed. Therefore, pouches are the ecological alternative.